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1952-2012 Deep Sea Illuminators


Opening the door to a journey to the deep seas through photographs that turn the treasures of a world where you do not belong into a visual feast, the catalog encompasses a great variety of artists and works, from Zareh Magar to the underwater photographs of Ergun Çağatay taken in the 1970s; from the work of professionals working in the deep sea technology sector to Bedros Kılıçcan, who was one of the crew of the mini-submarine that can go down to a depth of 400 m; from Orhan Aytür, who was the world champion of underwater photography in 2011 to the photographs of Haluk Cecan; from prominent businessmen such as Emre Omur, Mustafa Koç, and Cem Boyner to faculty members.

273 Pages, Turkish/English, October 2012
ISBN: 978-975-8919-74-1

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