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Introduction of Rezan Has Museum to world of culture and art has been realized with the exhibition “Timeless Simplicity” which was the opening exhibition of 11th Oriental Carpet Conference.

Hosting genuine exhibitions and cultural activities since 2007 in the frame of its vigorous museum studies, Rezan Has Museum has become a museum site connecting the past to the future with its Ottoman structure dated back to 17th century and Byzantine cistern to 11th century. The Museum enriched its collection by acquiring documents and objects belonging to Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory in 2009 along with its collection of archeological artifacts with nearly a history of 9,000 years.

Seferikos Cistern and Ottoman Structure

The cisterns, water reservoirs made of stone, were structures which played an important role in meeting water requirements of Istanbul in Byzantine period. The Byzantine period cistern taking place in our museum and dated back to late 11th century is comprised of 48 arches, 15 pillars and 20 columns. This structure having a square-like rectangular plan was built directly to accumulate water.

After losing its function as a cistern, it was first used as the tobacco warehouse of Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory and then as a supply warehouse during the 2nd World War.

It is thought that the building remains within the exhibition area belong to the 17th century AD. The structure consists of two separate blocks. Although the ultimate purpose of use is not yet known It is estimated that it has a function for the use of water.