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    The catalogue of the exhibition “Earth Fired in Anatolia” which features several unique terracotta artifacts, the silent and mysterious witnesses of the centuries-long adventure of the cradle of civilization, the Anatolia, belonging to a period of 8500 years between 7000 B.C. and 1500 A.D. 323 Pages, Turkish/English, May 2007 ISBN: 978-975-8919-22-2

    Kıymet Giray The book presents the rich tale of the Turkish history of art, from Osman Hamdi Bey to Şeker Ahmet Paşa, from İbrahim Çallı, to Fikret Mualla and to the contemporary painters with remarkable examples. 359 Pages, Turkish/English, May 2007 ISBN: 978-975-8919-23-9

    Gönül Paksoy The catalogue of Timeless Simplicity” exhibition, which is organized within the framework of “11th International Conference on Oriental Carpets” conference between 19-22 April 2007, consists of costumes Gönül Paksoy designed by inspiring from Ottoman time costumes and her rich collection. 300 Sayfa, Türkçe, Nisan 2007 ISBN: 978-975-8919-23-9