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Allianoi: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

12 May 2008 – 12 May 2008
Kadir Has University – Golden Horn Hall

Allianoi that is deemed to be among the most beautiful pieces of the Anatolian mozaic with its 1800 years history and still utilizable hot water is the major health center that survived in our country. This Cultural Heredity, one of the best preserved by nature and strongest health centers of the World will submerge under the waters of Yortanlı Dam that is constructed for agricultural irrigation if not prevented.

At the panel held in the Kadir Has University on 12 May, Monday Allianoi’s Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow is discussed. Ahmet Yarai the Head of Allianoi Excavation at first, specialists, archaeologists, legists and together with the government representative, the parties appeared around the same table for Allianoi.

Editor: Zeynep Çulha

Allianoi: Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow

211 Pages, Turkish, May 2009
ISBN: 978-975-8919-46-8