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Cibali Talks X

14 January 2020 16:00
Rezan Has Museum

Women’s Labour at Cevizli Campus of Tekel Factory

Cibali Talks, organized within the scope of the ‘Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory: Space of the Labour’ continues with its tenth session.

Dr. Hatice Kurşuncu and Dr. Suna Yılmaz will bring forward the production and trade union history of the Cevizli campus of Tekel Factory, through the experiences of the women labourers. Cevizli Campus of Tekel Factory was a social place where its own daily life was established in addition to the production process with its factory buildings, tobacco warehouses, lodgings, day care centre, summer camp, tavern and sports facilities, and with its 10,000 employees in peak production periods. This campus, where cigarette and packaging productions were made, is an example where female labour experience can be observed due to the overwhelming majority of female workers.

Dr. Kurşuncu and Yılmaz aim to make a gender-based contribution to the field of labour history by addressing the production process, unions that activated the strikes and practices of daily life through the experiences of the female workers of the Campus.

14th January Tuesday, 16:00
“Women’s Labour at Cevizli Campus of Tekel Factory“
Dr. Hatice Kurşuncu
Dr. Suna Yılmaz