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Cibali Talks XI

18 February 2020 16:00
Rezan Has Museum

‘Cibali Talks’ panel series, organized within the scope of the Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory: ‘Space of the Labor,’ continues. The eleventh session of the panel series titled ‘Cibali and its surroundings in Turkish Cinema’ will be presented by Dr. Esin Paça Cengiz and Dr. Elif Akçalı, both from Kadir Has University.

The panel will focus on Cibali and its surroundings through films scanned as part of an alternative film history project titled ‘The Visual-Audial Encyclopedia of the Turkish Cinema: Cinematic Spaces’. “Cinematic spaces” also defines spaces that have been used repeatedly in hundreds of films over the years, establishing an organic relationship with memory and recall. The city’s distinctive venues such as Pierre Loti Tea Garden, Haydarpaşa Station and Taksim Square, which have become an integral part of our collective memory, pavilions and mansions in Yeşilköy and Kuzguncuk recognized by the audience the minute they see them can be defined with this concept.

The panel, therefore, will question the relationship the cinema built with the social, artistic and politic turning points of Turkey by examining how Cibali and its surroundings were represented in different ten-year periods and changing meanings of the venues. This way, the definition that the Turkish cinema presented about Cibali will be revealed.