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Heritage of the Earth

1 February 2018 – 12 October 2020
Rezan Has Museum

Anatolia is the land in which significant strides have been taken in the transition from the earliest villages to complex urban life styles in humankind’s adventure of civilization. In our efforts to understand and learn about the process that began approximately nine thousand years ago and the struggle different societies had with nature for survival, as well as their daily habits, social ties, and faiths, we focus on the traces they have left behind. Hence, we study and explore settlements, temples, tombs, semi-nomadic areas of living, and the natural environment and interpret the adventure of humankind, or in other words, history, through the finds we unearth in these places. There is no doubt that the most important witnesses of this process are the daily tools and wares designed and produced by humans.

Opening a door to the daily life of Antiquity, which evolved in line with changes in social life, the exhibition entitled, “Heritage of the Land” has been shaped around a unique selection from our collection that extends from the Neolithic Era to the Seljuk Period.

With its display of cups and wares used in Antiquity for cooking, eating, drinking, serving wine and water, and preserving olive oil, as well as vessels left as gifts at tombs or as votive offerings for gods, “Heritage of the Land” encompasses a considerably large spectrum of objects and tells only one of the tales among Anatolia’s countless and unique narratives. We thus take immense pleasure in sharing with you our newest exhibition featuring works that have witnessed the most fundamental points of our common past.

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