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International Bead and Beadwork Conference

22 November 2007 – 25 November 2007

A series of two conferences focusing on the place of the history, production, trade and the use of bead as ornament throughout the history of the civilization and the development of the beadwork and the new bead processing techniques was organized within the scope of the “International Bead and Beadwork Conference” that was held between November 22-25, 2007. These conferences were held by the participation of lecturers from several countries who have expertise in contemporary beads along with the beads dating back thousands of years, and in the worth and esteem ascribed to bead in different cultures.

Throughout the conference, applied education seminars given by the national and international expert lecturers covering several materials and techniques drew wide attention and a sizeable audience. In these educations several techniques such as glass bead making by using hot glass technique, techniques for sand blasted beads, metal clay technique, jewelry making by using felt, enamel technique were taught.
In connection with the conference, bead bazaar at the Kadir Has University displaying the works of bead artists from all over the world was open until late hours.

Within the scope of the event bead themed exhibitions were held both at the Kadir Has University and at the Istanbul Archeology Museum under the sponsorship of the Kadir Has foundation. The exhibition “Beads from Collection to Creation” where the history of the use of bead in Anatolia was displayed and the exhibition composed by the joint venture of the International Society of Glass Bead makers and the Arizona Bead Museum, “Trajectories” exploring the glass bead works of almost 70 artists drew high attention of the audience. The Kadir Has Foundation sponsored the exhibition “Beads, Faith, Power and Beauty” that was held at the Istanbul Archeology Museums and enabled the display of the beads and the bead themed findings that have never been on public view before.

Sibel Sonmaz

16 page training book, especially prepared for children for the exhibition called “Bead from Collection to Creation” explaining the history, development and usage areas of beads.

16 Pages, Turkish, January 2008
ISBN: 978-975-8919-33-8