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Urartian Jewellery Collection

22 May 2014
Rezan Has Museum

Jewelleries such as pectorals (breastplate), medallions, beads, amulets, neck rings, ornamental pins, fibulae, armlets, bracelets, rings and furthermore, the most comprehensive Urartian belt collection of Turkey with approximately 70 belts will reveal the mysterious thoughts, religious beliefs and traditions of the Urartian society.

Among the most important factors in the development of the Urartian art of jewellery is the presence of rich mineral deposits of Eastern Anatolia and the profitable use of these deposits by the Urartian jewellery masters. Gold, silver, lead, iron and particularly copper deposits in the region were effectively mined for the first time by the Urartians.

With the mission and vision it has upheld since its inauguration, Rezan Has Museum has arduously strived to preserve the historic assets of our land, which has been home to countless civilizations, and to ensure that they are transmitted to future generations.

Our most important mission is to safeguard the Museum’s jewellery collection of the Urartian civilization, which reigned over Anatolia for 250 years and to entrust future generations with a collection preserved at least its present condition. Each new study on these treasures to be handed down from one generation to the next will shed light not only upon our past but upon our future as well.

Urartian Cities Regenerate


3D animation film installed within the Rezan Has Museum “Urartian Jewellery Collection” exhibition

‘Urartian Belts’ catalogue, which consists of belts and fragments of belts
belong to the Urartian civilization that dominated Anatolia for 250 years
and one of the collections of Rezan Has Museum, comprises 74 belts. The
catalogue in question, which was written by Assoc. Prof.Dr.Rafet Çavuşoğlu,
has figures and patterns of all the Urartian belts unearthed so far, along
with the drawings of the Urartian belts in the collection of Rezan Has
Museum. The catalogue prepared as a Corpus is billingual.

201 pages, Turkish/English, May 2014

An anthology of a 1100 Urartian art object is presented in this catalogue
that was written through Rezan Has Museum Urartian Jewellery
Restoration and Conservation Project within the global scaled Art
Conservation Project of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The catalogue, that
is about the restoration and conservation process of the artefacts is

100 pages, Turkish/English, May 2014
ISBN: 978-975-8919-97-0