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RHM Conference Series II

03 November 2007 – 03 November 2007
Kadir Has University – Golden Horn Hall

“Archeology and Collectorship”

Collectors have played an important role in the preservation of the cultural heritage and thus pass on to the next generations since the ancient times. Works of art collection at the beginning which had started as an indicator of aesthetics and wealth later had led to the initiation of the scientific fields such as Archeology, History of Art and Ethnography. The existence of collectorship as only for aesthetics or fashion had ceased by the incorporation of cultural heritage into the scientific research field. However, today collectors may sometimes conflict the scientific researches. Apart from the scientific researches, incentive for absolute possession or marketing of cultural heritage as a commercial field occurs as a case. On the other hand, in the countries like Turkey where cultural heritage consists of several subterranean and above ground layers, it is suggested that the collectors of works of art prevent the artifacts from being smuggled out of country or from being destroyed. In the Conference it was aimed to discuss the relationship between Archeology and the Collectors in detail. The positive and negative impacts of the collectors on the discipline of Archeology and the actions to be taken to establish a healthy interaction between thereof and to determine the missing issues in the relevant legislation were among the purposes of the meeting.

“Archeology and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage”

The major risk that the cultural heritage faces is not the destructive influence of time. The number one enemy of culture which is the brainchild of the human hand and mind is personally himself who created it. Cultural heritage which is the tangible and visible reflection of our past is under the risk of treasure seeking, smuggling and benefits and gains from zoning. Although Turkey is located on a land which is the most envied on earth for its cultural heritage, unfortunately it is also the country which severely suffers from the destruction and plunder of ancient artifacts. Under this title, treasury seeking and smuggling of the natural and cultural heritage and the insufficiency of the relevant legislation were opened to discussion.

“Archeology and Government Policies”

The Government polices applied to archeology were scrutinized within the scope of the conference “Archeology and Government Policies”. Starting with the Republican period, the discipline of Archeology that has gained importance in the government bureaucracy and policy has continued to develop as a science. However, like in many other fields, the bureaucratic system and the government policies associated with archeology are also required to be reviewed and allowed to be improved. Through this conference, determination of the issues that serve as an obstacle to the relation of Archeology with the administrative system and suggesting solutions was aimed and a wide discussion platform was made available.

RHM Konferans Dizisi II poster
Editör: Zeynep Çulha

200 Pages, Turkish, July 2008
ISBN: 978-975-8919-36-9