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Significant investments were made aiming to turn Golden Horn into a center where city festivals and special events take place among the museums and cultural centers during the post-industrial transformation process of this district. In particular these substantial and significant investments are being made paying utmost respect to the building heritage located in the Northern part of the Golden Horn (factories, shipyards, building cradles and launch ways, electricity power stations, slaughterhouses and so on). Now, the Northern part of the Golden Horn is in the process of being transformed into a cultural centre where historical buildings starting from the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, “Tersane-i Amire (Maritime Arsenal and Dockyard of the Kaptan Pasha (Captain of the Sea), “Aynalıkavak Pavillion”, Rahmi M. Koç Industry Museum”, “Sütlüce Culture Center” “Miniatürk” and “Silahtarağa Museum District” with their rich cultural heritage stand all along its coastal line. For the Southern coastal line of the Golden Horn, in particular the district between Eminönü and Eyüp where almost all historical and cultural heritage of its port structure was destroyed, it is however, unfortunately not possible to mention about a concentrated activity similar to that of Northern part. Although some important points of attraction such as Fener- Balat and Tahtakale are situated at the inner side, the southern coastal line of the Golden Horn remains poor in terms of cultural structuring other than Feshane-i Âmire”, “Women’s Work Library” “Zindan Han” and “Baba Cafer Zindanı” whereas a very intensive cultural structuring has been taking place at the north shoreline of the Golden Horn. The Golden Horn is being transformed into a “port museum”, nevertheless the Southern part should also be balanced through intensive activities similar to that of the Northern part. In this sense, the “Rezan Has Museum ” that was established and located inside the Kadir Has University is a very important initiative and fills a very important gap within the framework of such an important strategic geography.

Kadir Has University’s main building which was converted from Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory by Kadir Has Foundation in 2002 has been granted the European Nostra Award in 2003 due to its extremely meticulous and comprehensive restoration and its contributions to the historical environment in which it is situated. The venue opened to the public as Rezan Has Museum when the ruins of a structure dating back to the Ottoman era and a Byzantine cistern found underneath this historical building following the completion of its restoration.

European Nostra 2003 Award

European Cultural and Natural Heritage Union Europa Nostra is an independent establishment working to protect the world’s culture heritage. The main building of the Kadir Has University converted from Cibali Tobacco and Cigarette Factory won the 2003 Europe Nostra Award, the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage as the best preserved building for protecting and keeping our historical and cultural heritage alive.

For more information: http://www.europanostra.org/