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Restoration and Conservation

Urartian Jewellery Collection of Rezan Has Museum

“Urartian Jewellery Collection of Rezan Has Museum”, which is almost one of the most comprehensive Urartian Period collections of Turkey, is composed of approximately 1.100 artefacts of which 74 are belts. The Urartians, whose culture is unique only to Anatolia, crafted bronze, gold, silver and iron in a superior artistry by mining the rich mineral deposits of the region. The belts, necklaces, bracelets, armbands, neck rings, medallions, decorative pins, fibulae, rings were not just jewelleries for the Urartians but also had religious meaning.

As Rezan Has Museum, we assimilate the invaluable heritage of Anatolian culture and take presenting to humanity by transforming it into information that is part of the social culture as a goal. In this regard, restoration and conservation of the Urartian jewelleries, which is a collection was created with transfer our cultural values to future generation awareness, conducted by our experts.