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I’m Cross I’m not Playing

20 November 2013 – 31 March 2014
Exhibition Hall C

Naz Köktentürk who has witnessed nearly six years of Tarlabaşı until its destruction period by documenting its story through her camera and for sharing multicultural lifestyle of a district that is demolished and destroyed. The exhibition “I’m Cross I’m not Playing can be seen at Rezan Has Museum until March 31, 2014.

The “I’m Cross, I’m Not Playing” project is the story of six years that Naz Köktentürk experienced in Tarlabaşı until the demolition of the neighbourhood. The project consists of two sections, in the first section there are 35 mm black and white photos taken with a Leica M7, depicting the artist’s observations of lives of the people living in Tarlabaşı. And the photos in the second section, taken with a medium format Hasselblad, are based on a connotation; for this section she photographed the stencils made on the buildings as an act of revolt by the street artists, and did a collaborative collage work with the stencil artist Ari Alpert applying new stencils on eight of these photographs.

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Naz Köktentürk “I’m Cross I’m not Playing”

I’m crossed with a man.
So then I took a picture.
A picture of a little girl
Standing in the ruins!
I wrote it and sent it off.
Actually I wasn’t cross, no no, I wasn’t cross at allll…
But looking around; the laundry to the clothesline, the teas onto their trays, the drunkard to the bottles, the homeless to the pavement, the gypsies to their pink, the Kurdish to their jazzy red and green, the Armenians to their topik, the Greeks to their syrtaki, the queer to their wig, mary jane to her pot, the musicians to their instruments, the violin to the darbuka, the lunatics to themselves, the neighbourhood to its city, the city to the dead-end of RENT…
The whole town was cross!

167 Pages, Turkish/English, November 2013
ISBN: 978-975-8919-94-9