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Whispers of Extinct Languages

18 May 2020 – 18 May 2021
Rezan Has Museum / Online Exhibition

Language, as the most natural communication tool, is crucial in conveying the complex thought processes of human beings. Following the invention of writing, which lends permanence to our feelings and ideas, language was no longer merely a means of communication, but also became the very foundation of the sociological and cultural developments in society. Humans immortalized their rules, customs and traditions, ideas, grievances, joys, and sorrows through writing; from tomb and votive inscriptions to treaties, from epics to historic and political events, they shared, with each other and with other societies, their growth and evolution in a range of areas.

Whispers of Lost Languages” not only focuses on how the invention of writing has exceeded the boundaries of existing merely as a tool of communication and serves as the basis of the sociological and cultural development of societies, but also emphasizes the idea that it is one of the most important determinants between societies. Presenting the epic and mysterious journey of language and writing as the litmus paper of the stages humankind has undergone from the past into the present, the exhibition entitled, “Whispers of Lost Languages