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Cibali Talks V

12 February 2019
Rezan Has Museum

Fifth session of the ‘Cibali Talks’ with the title of “The Shorelines of Golden Horn, 200 years ago: New Perspectives on Chief Gardner’s Register” held by Prof. Murat Güvenç, director of Kadir Has University Istanbul Studies Center. Prof. Güvenç shared the early cartographical and historical data regarding the shorelines of Haliç through the ‘Chief Gardner’s Register’ that yield detailed information pertaining to land-uses, building stock, ethnic-religious affiliation and social status those who reside along the shores.

The presentation, which is based upon the findings of a comprehensive research project carried out at the Istanbul Studies Center, yielded substantive insights. Subsequent to a brief methodological discussion, preliminary results and maps depicting socio-spatial differentiation along the of Golden Horn shores were discussed at the session.